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Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull

Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull is a salvage yard and used auto parts shop in Green Bay, WI. Our business is simple. We minimize overhead and you save as much as 75% below new auto parts prices by removing them off our salvaged vehicles yourself. We can look up an interchange for the part you need and we can direct you to any vehicle in our yard that may have that part.
We stock our large yard with hundreds of salvaged vehicles that are 3 to 20 years old. We do handle many older vehicles, but unlike most self-serve salvage yards, we also offer many newer model vehicles.

Used Auto Parts Shop - Green Bay, WI - Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull
Learn More About Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull:
  • Self service salvage yard
  • Used auto parts
  • Junk cars accepted
  • Towing available
  • Organized salvage yard
  • Easy access to all auto parts
Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull adds 25-50 new cars to the inventory each week. This ensures that we always have a fresh supply of parts. We are always looking for new cars and we pay top dollar for your vehicle, running or not!
Parts are priced with one price list regardless of which vehicle they come off. There is a $2.00 cash admission charge for each person entering the yard and you must be 18 years of age or older.
Contact Grandpa John’s Pick And Pull today at 920-884-5042 for more information.

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